Wholesale Services

Our wholesale program is among the most flexible in the business. Because all of our coffee is small batch roasted, we are able to provide the freshest coffee to our retailers.  Our coffee is roasted to order. That means that none of our coffee is warehoused, it doesn't hit the roaster until you place your order. Most of our coffee hits the shelves of our retailers on the same day it is roasted. We also offer full delivery and shipping services, tailored to your individual needs.

Customer service is as important to us as a good cup of coffee, and because we are an independently owned, single family business, we are able to provide absolute attention to the needs of our retailers. 

Here's what you get with our wholesale services:

  • Small Batch Roasted Coffee
  • Premium Crandall Coffee Blends
  • Single Origin Coffees
  • Certified Organic Coffee
  • Delivery services
  • Absolute Customer Service
  • Unbeatable Minimum Orders
  • Custom Blend Options
  • Cupping / Tasting Services
  • Training / Education

If you would like further information about our wholesale services, please fill out the form below or contact us via email or phone.

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